The Cavalry is Coming!

In cowboy films of old when the few embattled heroes were hauled up in some shack fighting for their lives, surrounded by Red Indians hollering and waving tomahawks (sorry, that’s not very PC but let’s overlook that for now) you would hear distant gunshots and catch the sight of men on horseback, one of them carrying the yankee flag, you knew that the end was in sight, that rescue was at hand, that in the nick of the time the heroes would be saved and the baddies dispersed. In short, the cavalry was coming.

When I have been in trouble in my life, I have sometimes wondered ‘When is the cavalry coming?’ Or as the Psalmist puts it more religiously and eloquently, ‘I lift up my eyes to the hills – from where does my help come?’  

God’s decisive answer to that question comes in a remote village in Palestine, with a travelling man and woman, some shepherds from the nearby hillside, some travellers from the east, some soldiers sent by the emperor. 

God’s rescue plan for a people and a world in danger takes the form of a babe in arms. God comes in flesh and blood to reveal the saving power of love and truth and kindness and justice and forgiveness.

We are drawn into worship to give thanks to God for this act of rescue, for his coming then and his coming now and for the Spirit of Jesus which has never left the earth and saves us still.

In our celebrations this Christmas-time we can come to know this saving love in our hearts, in our lives, and throughout God’s world. The cavalry comes – in the form of Jesus - when we reach out in prayer and worship.

If you would like to celebrate the coming of Jesus into the world and want to seek with us his power to rescue us, then please join us in worship any Sunday morning at 10.30am.

Our hands-on celebration at Messy Church for children and adults is at 4.00pm on Sunday 17th December. 

On Christmas Eve we sing carols and share Holy Communion at 11.30pm.

On Christmas Day we have a short service of celebration for all the family at 10.00am.

Do come and join us to share in rejoicing at God's rescue plan for you and me and all the world.

With every blessing

Noel Sharp

Minister of Christ Church Tetbury