Holiday @ Home

(A Tetbury Area Churches Together project)

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2019 Holiday @ Home
Thursday August 1st 
and Friday August 2nd

'Holiday @ Home' was part of Tetbury's award winning submission to the Gloucestershire Rural Community Council 'Village of the Year' for 2014. Tetbury won the section of "Supporting older people and regarding them as an asset.

Please contact Brian or Sue Cook ( or 01454 238 222, for more details



Holiday @ Home was started in 2004 by the members at Christ Church, following encouragement from the Methodist Bristol District Evangelism Enabler, Derek Norton.

The following year, to help with the event, various other folk from the other Tetbury churches joined in. The project thereafter was headed up by the Tetbury Area Churches Together (TACT).

The project is to provide those in the town, who do not really get a holiday, a chance for a ‘day out’ , but on Christ Church’s premises.

Some of the year since have included a trip out during the afternoon, e.g. Malmesbury Abbey Gardens, Highgrove gardens and one or two others.

Following is an article which appeared in the local magazine ‘The Tetbury Advertiser’ about the 2013 days.


*** Article in the June 2015 edition of the Tetbury Advertiser ***

Holiday @ Home 2015– 11th Year - A ‘Holiday’ in the Cotswolds with a difference!

The Cotswold are well regarded and visited by people from this country and overseas – and rightly so!! If you are able to get out and travel around to appreciate the views and scenery then that’s fine (and on the day of writing this article, it’s beautiful outside!), but for those not able to take a holiday away from their own home, or even take a trip in the county,  what do you do?   Well a ‘Holiday@Home’ project has been running in Tetbury, now in its 11th year.   This is a project run by all the Churches in Tetbury and based at Christ Church, in The Chipping, Tetbury - over a couple of days, which this year will be the Thursday\Friday, the 30th & 31st July.

 This is a simple idea to provide a one day holiday usually, for those more elderly members of our town unlikely to have a holiday – either because of age or disability.    The holiday starts with guests arriving at Christ Church, or being picked up at their own home by car or mini-bus if they are not mobile enough. Following a welcome drink, the day continues with activities and table games, or just a chance to chat. Photo displays of times past provide the start of plenty of memories and conversation. We usually have a good sing at some point, some of the old songs are never forgotten.  Various other entertainments and Time for Thought carry on through the day, until the carriages (well cars and mini buses) are called again and guests are taken home at end of the afternoon.  

What have we missed out? Well, of course, a holiday is not the same without some good food!   A 3 course lunch is provided in the middle of the day, with a traditional ‘tea’ later in the afternoon. We are fortunate in having a professional caterer to help with lunch and the volunteers provide delicious ‘home-made’ puddings and cakes. No one goes home hungry!

Our theme this year will be ‘Transport’ – so any photos of Tetbury Transport in by-gone years would be really interesting. It does help to stir the memory banks and promotes good conversation about ‘The Old days….’ Do you have any photos you could lend us for the couple of days please?

The project is staffed by over 50 volunteers and the whole day is provided FREE to all our 60 guests.  This is due to the generous sponsorship of the project by a number of companies and organisations.  As in recent years, Tetbury Feoffees have again given us generous funding and we have been grateful for other donations as well. We really do appreciate all donations and support.

We are now putting together the invitees list for this August’s holiday. If you know of anyone in Tetbury that is does manage to get out much or will not be taking a holiday this year, who you feel would enjoy a one day ‘holiday’ in the beautiful Cotswold town of Tetbury, please contact us (see below) as soon as possible, with the details of the person you feel would appreciate an invitation. Holiday@Home can host 30 guests each day, but hope that we can accommodate all those who request places. Guest invitations will be finalised late June.

If you have the name of someone who you think would like to be invited, please contact Allan or Jenny Norwood (01666 – 504075, e-mail: ) who are compiling the list.

For more information, or photos, please contact:

Brian & Sue Cook :  54 The Street, Didmarton, Glos. GL9 1DS, or e-mail